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How to choose composite line post insulators?

Composite line post insulators are an insulator made from new materials -silicone rubber, mainly used in the transmission and distribution lines. Composite line post insulators similar to the composite pin type insulator in shape, there is no clear distinction between features.

choose composite line post insulators choose

Composite line post insulators in the application are mainly two types of parameters kn and kv. Depending on the tensile strength and voltage level, select the corresponding insulator. When the requirements of the high voltage level, they can shed by increasing the number and height of the overall requirements; heavier wire when needed when the bearer, the diameter of the mandrel bar can be increased to meet the requirements.

Composite line post insulators in the choice of the addition to the different voltage levels and strength requirements, there are material differences. Despite all the composite material production line post insulators called composite insulators, but the proportion of the various components of the composite material itself will also affect its performance. Therefore, the choice of composite line post insulators, try to buy large composite insulator company, product qualification whole.

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