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Experience with composite insulator

History of composite insulator
About 50 years ago in USA, the first overhead line transmission insulator made from organic material to be used. These were war cast resin insulator and many of them had to be replaced after a short period of use duo to various problems.
The first “real” composite insulator with porcelain sheds supported by a fibre reinforced plastic then followed such insulator was mostly used in medium voltage lines.
A few years later, manufacturers from Germany, the US, France, England, Italy and later also from Switzerland began to manufacture composite insulator in the form we know today.

composite station post insulator-Orient Power            composite cross arm insulator-Orient Power
composite station post insulator                                                    composite cross arm insulator

Problem for the first generation composite insulator
1. Prolonged tracking and surface erosion in the shed material
2. A drop in resistance to power arc, in particular an age related loss of the original particularly good pollution layer properties of the shed surface
3. A loss of the original mechanical strength, sometimes with the rod slipping out from the metal end fitting
4. Adhesion problems and therefore breakdown at the interfaces between the different materials of the insulator
5. Penetration of moisture, which together with insufficient adhesion and inappropriate electrical dimensioning of the metal fittings, led to brittle fractures in the supporting glass fibre rod.

The second generation composite insulators manufacturers are across the globe to tackle and solve these problems and to introduce to the market a vastly improved.

Since then, the better understanding of possible failure mechanisms achieved as a result of consolidated research and long term testing, the optimization of production processes and a greater awareness of quality assurance have led to the third generation composite insulator.

Now days most of countries has begun to use composite insulator to instead porcelain insulator or glass insulator.


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