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What are polymer insulators?

What about the origin of history for polymer insulators?
Polymer insulators were first developed in the 1950s to replace conventional ceramic insulators. They were not, however, available until the 1960s because of initial design flaws.

polymer insulators

Components of polymer insulators:
These insulators are generally constructed of fiberglass reinforced polymer rods and a polymer housing. The improved insulators provide cost and weight reduction benefits over its predecessor.

Developed in Europe, the first polymer insulators produced flashover, tracking, and general line drop problems due to flaws that developed in the polymers that were used. The high voltage insulators eventually succumbed to cracking or shedding of the polymer housing, known as chalking. These problems frequently caused shorts and abnormal electrical discharges. The basic construction of the insulators usually includes a fiberglass polymer rod housed in silicone polymers, often referred to as the shed. The fittings and grounding components are usually made of metal.

Ceramic insulators can withstand the elements for decades without failing, but polymer versions are better able to resist incidents of vandalism. Ceramic insulators also frequently have housing cracks, bonding failures, or hardware separation. When these situations arise, water often penetrates the housing, producing voltage leakage. Maintenance of these devices often involves applications of protective coating along with occasional washing of the insulators themselves.

Main advantages for polymer insulators:
excellent anti-pollution performance, suitable for high polluted area
free of cleaning, economical maintenance and suitable for difficult maintenance area
no need of zero value check
light weight, easy and economical to transportation and installation
not brittle, and reduce the purchasing quantities for spare parts


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