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What do you know about composite insulators, and how are they used in the electric engineering field?

High-voltage insulators used for high-voltage power transmission are made from glass, porcelain, or composite polymer materials. They can be called porcelain insulator, glass insulator and composite insulator.

composite insulator

composite insulator

Porcelain insulators are made from clay, quartz or alumina and feldspar. Alumina insulators are used where high mechanical strength is a criterion. Glass insulators were, and in some places are still used to suspend electrical power lines. Most insulator manufacturers stopped making glass insulators in the late 1960's, switching to various ceramic and, more recently, composite materials.

Recently, many electric utilities have begun converting to composite insulators which consist of a central rod made of fibre reinforced plastic and an outer weathershed made of silicone rubber or EPDM. Composite insulators are less costly, lighter weight, and they have excellent hydrophobic capability. This combination makes them ideal for service in polluted areas.

Low-voltage insulating materials
Flexible insulating materials such as PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or neoprene are used to reduce the possibility of a person coming into contact with a 'live' wire. Polymer pin type insulator is one main of composite insulators for low voltage lines.


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