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What is creepage distance? What is its significance?

Creepage distance definition:
Creepage distance is the shortest path between two conductive parts (or between a conductive part and the bounding surface of the equipment) measured along the surface of the insulation. Such as composite suspension insulator have the important technical parameters-creepage distance.

900mm creepage distance insulator

900mm creepage distance insulator

Creepage distance significance
A proper and adequate creepage distance for composite insulator protects against tracking, a process that produces a partially conducting path of localized deterioration on the surface of an insulating material as a result of the electric discharges on or close to an insulation surface. The creepage distance of insulator can protect avoiding puncture and provide voltage protection.

Customers buy insulators and require the creepage distance, 900mm creepage distance polymer pin type insulator is used in south Africa.

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