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How much the use of different composite insulator voltage level range is?

Composite insulator used on overhead transmission and distribution line not less than 1KV and upto 1000KV. Composite insulator is also called high voltage composite insulator, high voltage composite pin type insulator uses usually from 6 KV to 36 KV distribution lines. Composite insulator voltage usually has 110KV, 220KV, 330KV, 500KV, 750KV and so on.

According to ANSI and IEC standard, composite insulators voltage include power frequency flashover voltage, critical impulse flashover voltage, low frequency puncture voltage and radio interference voltage.

composite post insulator                composite pin insulator

    composite post insulator                                         composite deadend insulator

Under the effect of high voltage, the gas or liquid medium along the surface of the insulating is destruct discharge. So the discharge voltage is also called the flashover voltage. After the flashover occurs, voltage between electrodes quickly fell to zero or near zero. Flashover channel caused by sparks or electric arc surface of insulation local overheating of coking, damage the surface of the insulation. The discharge voltage on the surface of the insulator flashover is called power frequency flashover voltage. The along the insulator internal discharge is called a breakdown.
Composite insulator definition includes many parts, if you want to other parts function or definition easily, you can visit composite insulator PDF website.


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