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What is high voltage electrical insulator?

High voltage electrical insulator is used on high voltage transmission and distribution lines. High voltage electrical insulator can support wire and insulation, so it important part of high voltage transmission line.

High voltage electrical insulator is made of composite, it also was called high voltage polymer insulator. High voltage electrical insulator made of this method has many advantages, light weight, easy to install, easy to transport, not damaged and so on.

composite post insulator               composite suspension insulator
 composite post insulator                                                            composite suspension insulator

High voltage electrical insulator can install on the requirements of different voltage levels, for example 10kv,66KV,220KV,330KV,500KV,1000kv and so on. When voltage level is too high, composite insulators can by increasing the number of sheds to meet the voltage requirements.

Orient Power high voltage electrical insulator has strong hydrophobic. when rainy days, two sheds will not glob together. This way can greatly improve the electrical performance of the ceramic solid core insulator.

Orient Power has several types composite insulators, comprises composite suspension insulator,composite pin insulator,composite deadend insulator,composite line post insulator,composite cross arm insulator,composite post insulator,composite railway insulator.

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