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how to inspect composite pin insulator?

How to inspect composite pin insulator?

Potential threat for composite pin insulator
Composite Pin insulator is installed in the transmission lines or distribution line. It is in the process of running long-term subjected to mechanical and electrical load, sharp and cold may appear to reduce insulation resistance, cracking and even breakdown which can bring potential power supply reliability.
Therefore, the composite pin insulator on-line detection is great significance.

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Aging and zero value for composite pin insulator
In high voltage transmission lines, composite pin insulator aging directly affects the safe operation of power system. Aging composite insulator especially zero composite insulator not only prone to overheating but also easy to lead composite pin insulator head dry crack and cause the transmission line break down. And flashover voltage will come down and reduce the insulation level of the high voltage transmission line.

Effect of Zero insulators
Zero insulators are in operation line the voltage between composite insulators is close to zero or equal to zero. The insulation of transmission line depends on insulator string, due to manufacturing defect or role of the outside environment, the insulation of the insulator performance degradation which will bring greater influence on the on line operation.

For Insulator inspection we have five methods:
1. Measure the voltage distribution
2. Measuring insulation resistance
3. Doing power frequency withstand voltage test
4. Doing mechanical strength test
5. Inspection

And the two methods "measure the voltage distribution" and "measuring insulation resistance” is very important.

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