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33kV 70kN composite suspension insulator

We are a famous composite insulator factory and have been produced polymer insulator from 1995s. After about 20 years’ experience for producing composite insulator, now we produce all the components of insulator by ourselves.
For composite suspension insulator, 33kV is one type commonly used insulator and we export many of this type insulator every year.

33kV 70kN composite suspension insulator-Orient Power            33kV 70kN polymer suspension insulator-Orient Power
33kV 70kN composite suspension insulator                              33kV 70kN polymer suspension insulator

From the year of 2009, we design a type of 33kV 70kN composite suspension insulator for Africa market.
The technical data are as follows:
1. Creepage distance: 1260mm
2. Specified mechanical load: 70kN
3. Power frequency wet withstand voltage: 90kV
4. Lightning impulse withstand voltage: 200kV
5. Coupling size: 16mm socket ball according to IEC60120
6. Applied standard: IEC61109
7. Color: grey

Package for 33kV 70kN composite suspension insulator:
Normally we packed porcelain insulator or glass insulator used wooden case with pallet. But for composite suspension insulator we always have three packing methods:
1. Carton with pallet: since there is pallet, it is easy to load and unload
2. Wooden box: sometimes we use a big wooden box to pack composite suspension insulator. At the bottom of wooden box there is pallet and it is also convenient for handling.
3. Carton: if the labor cost is not higher, this is an economic packing way.

Now very year, we export a lot quantity of composite insulators, especially 33kV 70kN composite suspension insulator to Africa market and most customers are our long term cooperation customers.


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