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97kN Guy strain insulator

97kN Guy strain insulator is a composite insulator intended to be inserted in a stay wire to electrically insulate the lower part of the stay from the pole top and so designed as to provide a high lightning impulse withstand voltage.

End fitting of 97kN guy strain insulator: A device forming part of the insulator intended to facilitate connect to the stay wire. The end caps should be the thimble or combination thimble/tongue type, produced from forged steel or cast iron material. They should be hot dip galvanized in according to relative standard.

97kN composite Guy strain insulator-Orient Power            97kN polymer Guy strain insulator-Orient Power
97kN composite Guy strain insulator                                            97kN polymer Guy strain insulator

Rod of 97kN guy strain insulator: the dielectric member of the insulator comprising a fibre glass cylinder of sufficient length and diameter to provide the required electrical and mechanical characteristics.

Electrical characteristics:
1. Power frequency dry withstand voltage: 150kv
2. Power frequency wet withstand voltage: 60kv
3. Lightning impulse withstand voltage pos.: 300kV
4. Failing load: 97kN

Routine and Sample test for 97kN guy strain insulator:
1. Visual inspection: each insulator should be examied
2. Routine mechanical test: every insulator shall withstand a tensile load at least 40% SMFL for at least 10s.
3. Verification of dimensions
4. Mechanical test
5. Galvanizing test

Besides manufacturing 97kN guy strain insulator, Orient Power, as a professional composite insulators manufacturer, can also produce 35kN guy strain insulator.


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