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Composite line suspension insulators

Composite line suspension insulators are generally used on transmission and distribution lines consisting of fiberglass reinforced polymer FRP rod, silicone rubber housing and metal end fittings.

Composite line suspension insulators

How to manufacture the Composite line suspension insulators housing?
Housing is directly vulcanized to the core during compression molding process, providing superior bonding performance. Also, pressure controlled uniform providing superior long-term mechanical performance.

The features of Composite line suspension insulators
Silicone rubber housing – housing and core are chemically bonded and the interface strength between housing and core is higher than the tearing strength of housing itself.
Weathersheds – on the basis of contamination level, shed profile with IEC 60815 “guide for the selection of insulators in respect of polluted conditions”
End fittings – crimping process is multi-step, uniform circumferential compression, controlled pressure for each step, minimizing stress concentration.

For ensuring insulator quality, during crimping of end fittings on the core, all the products are checked for possible damage of core by AE detection. The housing contact the end fittings and RTV (room temperature vulcanized) sealant prevents the ingress of moisture.

The materials of Composite suspension insulator
Weathersheds (shed) & housing (sheath) -- Weathersheds and housing are the same material (100% silicone rubber) before adding fillers. The best mixture of base polymer, fillers, and additive agents achieves excellent contamination, weatherability, anti-tracking, and anti-erosion performance.
Core -- High quality pultruded FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) rod is used. The rod is made with good alignment and distribution of fibers within Epoxy resin.
Metal end fittings -- High grade forged steel or ductile iron is used. And all ferrous parts, other than stainless steel, are galvanized in accordance with ASTM A153. Cotter key is made from stainless steel.
Grading rings or corona rings -- High grade aluminum alloy is used.

We can also manufacture Composite line suspension insulators in accordance with the customer’s requirements and international standards.


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