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Guy wire fittings

Guy wire fittings are mainly used to fix guy wire pole towers including all the spare parts from the top of pole tower to ground stay wire.

Guy wire fittings

Guy wire fittings

The safe running of guy wire pole tower mainly depends on guy wire and Guy wire fittings. According to using conditions, the Guy wire fittings may fall in to three types
◆ Line tension
◆ Adjustment
◆ Connection

Guy wire fittings have total 12series, may be divided into wedge type and crimp type. The Guy wire fittings mainly have
◆ Wedge clamp
◆ UT wedge clamp (adjustable type)
◆ UT wedge clamp (Non- adjustable type)
◆ Shackles (U type)
◆ Guy clips
◆ Yoke plates for double guy wire (Type LV)
◆ Straps
◆ Tnit-steel plates for strain clamp
◆ Strain clamps for compression joint
◆ Type NLY strain clamps of compression joint (adjustable type)
◆ Strain clamps (clamps of compression joint)
◆ Strain clamps (clamps of wedge joint)

The technique criterion of Guy wire fittings conforms to the relevant state standard and industrial standard.


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