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Hubbell suspension insulator

Hubbell suspension insulator is popular used for the electrical power systems, divided into distribution insulators for 10kv to 69kv, and transmission line insulators for 110kv to 500kv.

Hubbell suspension insulator

Suspension insulator is used on overhead distribution power lines, overhead line to the mechanical design is considered that the important issue of the suspension and the voltage insulator division of the disk.

Hubbell suspension insulator is made of porcelain normally designed in disc form, also called disk insulators. Disc suspension insulator is normally used in insulator string consisting of metal pin and disc porcelain units.

Porcelain Hubbell suspension insulator efficient string:
Insulator metal parts comprising units of the string, as well as mutual Capacitance Cross - arm, etc., exist in the shunt Capacitance. The voltage per unit Capacitance effected imposed equally on the whole string cannot exist. It can be seen, most reactions are line voltage unit. The decrease Cross - most are low voltage arm near the top of the unit. This significantly reduces the efficiency of the string Efficiency.

String Efficiency is the development of methods, namely: 
1. By using longer cross-arms.
2. By grading the insulator units.
3. By using guard ring.
4. By conducting glaze method.
5. Method of voltage grading in suspension insulators

Except Hubbell suspension insulator, Orient Power manufactures porcelain suspension insulator used these methods to improve the insulator efficiency.


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