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Overhead line systems

Overhead line systems have been essential for the distribution of power, especially extra high voltage is necessary for transporting electricity power for people.

Overhead line systems

Ever higher voltage levels have been used to transport more power at lower losses. Today voltage levels have been standardised and are only slowly increased to new levels and many overhead lines have since been replaced by cables at lower voltage levels in many countries around the world.

Extra high voltage levels (300 kV - 1000 kV) are popular used in electrical systems, China overhead line systems are up to 750kV, a little 1000kV used in power systems. With the electrical filed developing, UHV overhead transmission lines are gradually built for transportation of power over long distances without excessive losses.

Composite materials in overhead line transmission systems are advantageous when it comes to strength versus weight, expansion with temperature, needed physical dimensions and corrosion resistance compared to conventional materials such as wood, glass and steel.

For high voltage or extra high voltage transmission lines, composite materials started to use for crossarms, poles and towers, and which impact with emphasis on the visual impact of overhead line systems, a short review of different design ideas for overhead lines.

Most of wooden poles, steel towers used in overhead line systems, distribution systems include insulators, conductors, electrical poles, electrical fittings and electrical towers and electrical equipment.

Overhead line systems are divided into AC systems and DC systems, AC systems are popular used in power systems, such as family lines and electrical apparatus products.


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