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Polymer Station Post Insulator,Station Post Insulator

Polymer Station Post Insulator is manufactured according to ANSI C29.19 and IEC 61109. Station Post Insulator is used on substation of high voltage power system as a main electrical polymer insulator.

Polymer Station Post Insulator specifications:
1: Polymer Station Post Insulator is ANSI or IEC Technical Reference Number
2: Specified Cantilever Load was determined using high strength bolts.
3: Depending on the grade of bolt, a bolt failure may occur before core failure.
4: Compression values are based on testing per the procedure specified in ANSI C29.19 using fixed ends. Actual application conditions of Polymer Station Post Insulator may result in different compression strength values.
5: Deflection measured at the relevant ANSI C29.19 TR porcelain’s maximum working load.

Some types of polymer hollow bushing insulator look like Polymer Station Post Insulator, but we can easily distinguish polymer hollow bushing insulator from Polymer Station Post Insulator through the difference of their Flange End Fittings.

red Polymer Station Post Insulator-Orient Power            gray Polymer Station Post Insulator-Orient Power
red Polymer Station Post Insulator                                           gray Polymer Station Post Insulator

Polymer Station Post Insulator Research & Development:
The Polymer Station Post Insulator was subjected to various mechanical, electrical, and aging tests to validate the design. Some tests are of Polymer Station Post Insulator introduced in the following:
Cantilever Strength Test
Torsion Strength Test
Compression Strength Test
Critical Impulse Flashover Test
Low-Frequency Wet Withstand Test

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