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Porcelain insulators,silicone rubber insulators

Porcelain insulators and silicone rubber insulators are Orient main electrical products, designed in different sizes in accordance with international standards or customers’ requirements.

Porcelain insulators

The porcelain insulators types have
Pin insulators – used on distribution power lines, which are supplied complete with Zinc thimbles cemented in and threaded to receive pins having large steel heads to BS 3288. All pin insulators supplied with heads having a semi-conductors glaze which is very effective in reducing radio noise. Voltage range is 6kv to 36kv.
Cap & pin disc insulators – used on any voltage level power lines, Voltage range is 10kv to 500kv. And these insulators are manufactured according to BS EN60305 abd BS EN60383.
Staywire insulators – usually used electrical poles or towers, Voltage range is 1kv to 500kv. The porcelain stay wire insulators illustrated are suitable for the majority of standard insulated staywire system including ESI43-91
Low voltage insulators – used on electrical distribution lines, like pole lines or family lines, Voltage range is below 1kv.
Railway insulators – used on traction lines and railtrack, also called railroad insulators, Voltage range is 25kv to 27.5kv.

Porcelain insulators are suitable all overhead line applications ranging from low voltage, using one piece service insulators, to pin insulators and cap and pin type disc insulators for medium and high voltage usages.

All porcelain insulators are manufactured to the highest standard from high grade wet process porcelain and are usually glazed brown or grey.

silicone rubber insulators

Silicone rubber insulators also known as polymer insulators or composite insulators, these insulator types have
High voltage insulators: suspend long rod insulators used as well as porcelain disc insulators; station post insulators which used in substations or line switch; bushings used on the electrical equipment or substations
Medium voltage insulators: pin insulators, line post insulators, railway insulators used as well as porcelain insulators
Low voltage insulators including silicone guy strain insulators used as well as porcelain stay wire insulator

Silicone rubber insulators and porcelain insulators are main electrical products used in power systems, playing main role of supporting and insulating conductors.


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