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Silicon composite insulators

Silicon composite insulators are manufactured of HTV silicone rubber consisting of fiberglass reinforce polymer rod, polymer insulation sheds and metal end fittings.

Silicon composite insulators

For composite insulators, produced in accordance with IEC 61109 including specifies type tests, routine tests and spot tests, as in equivalent norms for glass or porcelain insulators.

The purpose of design tests is to verify that the design, choice of material, material composition and production are satisfactory. When design tests are performed on a number of composite insulators, the results will be accepted for other insulators in the same class.
The insulators class should be in common characteristics:
•identical core material (supporting element), identical cover material and production and installation process.
•identical armature material, identical design and fittings.
•identical or thicker layer of cover material above the supporting element in relation to the insulators tested in accordance with the design tests.
•identical or greater diameter on the mechanical supporting element in relation to the insulators tested in accordance with the design tests.

For ensuring the silicon composite insulators, also do some insulator tests including
•mechanical tensile load
•varying mechanical tensile load
•mechanical properties in relation to temperature
•electrotechnical properties
•water diffusion properties

Silicon composite insulators are Orient main products used for any contamination conditions made from HTV silicone rubber, and designed in accordance with client’s requirements.


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