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Silicone rubber insulator property

One of the biggest problems in outdoor applications is airborne contamination that settles on the silicone rubber insulator surface. Anti-pollution resistance is the most important kind of Silicone rubber insulator property.

Silicone rubber insulator

used in pollution area

In some cases, these airborne particles are of natural origin, such as in a coastal region exposed to salt spray or ocean fog. Industrial sources, agricultural spraying and automotive exhaust can also contribute to reduced water repellency and diminished electrical performance.

Service long time in contamination areas, both ceramic and composite designs are subject to the build-up of contaminants. When contamination build-up is exposed to moisture, an electrolytic film can develop, leading to excessive leakage current, dry band arcing and eventually to flashover. Coastal environments have a particular problem, as the weather creates cycles of contamination followed by high humidity or fog.

The basic mechanism for contamination-induced flashover on static surface materials like porcelain can be summarized as follows
Contamination/flashover mechanism
◆ Contaminant deposition
◆ Conductive water filming;
◆ Leakage currents;
◆ Local heating;
◆ Dry-band formation;
◆ Dry-band arcing;
◆ Arc (and band) extension;
◆ Air ionization;
◆ Flashover.

For ensuring Silicone rubber insulator properties, we should test before insulator shipping.


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