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Composite suspension insulator,anti fog type suspension insulator silicone rubber

Composite suspension insulator can be divide common suspension composite insulator and anti fog type suspension insulator silicone rubber. Fog type suspension insulator is also called anti-pollution insulator.

Composite suspension insulator:
Composite Suspension insulator generally consists of the insulation parts and metal accessories. The part of insulation has polymer composite or silicone rubber. Metal accessories have steel, iron foot cap, flange etc. They are closely connected together using cement agglutination or mechanical card installed. The composite suspension insulator is widely used in electric power system, generally belongs to the external insulation, and work under atmospheric conditions.

composite suspension insulator             anti fog type suspension insulator silicone rubber
               composite suspension insulator                                anti fog type suspension insulator silicone rubber

Anti fog type suspension insulator silicone rubber:
Suspension insulator silicone rubber installs in different area with different air quality. Anti fog type suspension insulator mainly uses in heavy polluted areas to keep composite insulators themselves clean and reduce flashover phenomenon. Common suspension composite insulator can be used in lightly polluted areas and others.
The above describes composite suspension insulator application and advantage. It is said that the lightly polluted and anti-pollution areas can not use the anti-fog type suspension insulator to reduce the money. Orient Power recommends the suitable products for the suitable position.


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