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Composite pin insulator is common in distribution lines of power system. Orient Power is a composite pin insulator supplier from China. Orient Power is a modern high-tech composite insulator manufacturer & supplier, which is integrated with development, research, design, manufacturing, selling, and service.

red composite pin insulator-Orient Power            composite pin type insulator-Orient Power
red composite pin insulator                                                        composite pin type insulator

Features of composite pin type insulator:
1. Rated Voltage and SML:12kV/11kN,24kV/11kN,36kV/10kN,36kV/12.5kN
2. Material of shed: hydrophobic silicon rubber
3, Material of end fittings: hot-dip galvanized steel

Composite pin type insulator Product Characters:
1. The silicone rubber sheds adopt overall injection pressure process.
2. corrosion-resistant galvanized fittings.
3. Excellent electrical properties, high mechanical strength.
4. Good stain resistance.
5. Small volume, light weight. The structure is dexterous, convenient to transport and installation.
6. Silicone rubber sheds with good hydrophobic properties, no preventive insulation monitoring tests, no cleaning, reducing routine maintenance.
7. Good resistance to aging, corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance, suitable for -40 °C ~ -50 °C areas.
8. Has a strong impact resistance and shock resistance, good anti-fragility and creep resistance, unbreakable, anti-bend, explosion-proof is strong.

As a composite pin insulator supplier, with more than 30 years experience and advanced technology, Orient Power company have strong technical force, advanced technical equipments, complete testing means and scientific quality management.

As a composite pin insulator supplier, Orient Power also produces end fittings of composite pin insulator by themselves. So, our composite pin insulator price is lower than other composite pin insulator supplier. We enjoy good reputation from customers at home and abroad, because of the excellent quality and reasonable price.



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