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Composite suspension insulator,composite suspension insulator strings efficiency

Composite suspension insulator can be used one by one to form strings. Composite suspension insulator string efficiency is an important consideration since it decides the potential distribution along the string.
The greater the composite suspension insulator string efficiency, the more uniform is the voltage distribution. Thus 100% string efficiency is an ideal case for which the voltage across each disc will be exactly the same. Although it is impossible to achieve 100% composite suspension insulator string efficiency, yet efforts should be made to improve it as close to this value as possible.

Composite suspension insulator                   polymer suspension insulator
composite suspension insulator                                                        polymer suspension insulator  

The maximum voltage appears across the composite suspension insulator nearest to the line conductor and decreases progressively as the crossarm is approached. If the insulation of the highest stressed insulator breaks down or flashover takes place, the breakdown of other units will take place in succession. This necessitates equalizing the potential across the various units of the string to improve the composite suspension insulator string efficiency.
We can use longer cross-arms, grade the insulators and use a guard rings for composite suspension insulators to improve the suspension insulators strings efficiency. Nowadays, composite cross arm insulator can be used on high voltage line, this type insulator can reduce the cost and materials.


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