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Composite deadend insulator,composite insulator distribution dead end type

Component of composite deadend insulator:
Composite deadend insulator are made of epoxy reinforced fibre glass core, high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber weather sheds and metal end fiitings intend to use for overhead line for electric power system and the voltage class is 69kV and below. The composite insulator distribution dead end type horizontally supports the line conductor.

Application for composite insulator distribution dead end type:
Composite insulator dead end type is used for Deadend structures which are used where the transmission line either ends to follow a substation or when it turns through a large angle. The composite deadend insulator is in line with the conductor and under tension.

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               Composite deadend insulator                                     composite insulator distribution dead end type

End fitting and strength of composite deadend insulator:
End ftting of composite deadend insulator was clevis and tongue and made of a commercial grad of malleable iron, ductile iron, steel, aluminum, bronze or brass. All ferrous part, other than stainless steel, was galvanized in accordance with the specification for Zinc coating on iron and steel hardware. Cotter key was made from cold drawn bronze, brass or austenitic stainless steel.
Normally the strength of composite insulator distribution deadend type is 70kN and we Orient Power can also produce according to customers’ requirement.

Voltage class and test for composite insulator distribution dead end type:
According to ANSI standard the composite deadend insulator includes: 15kV, 25kV, 35kV 69kV.

The tests are as follows:
1. Electrical design test for composite deadend insulator:
1.1 Low frequency dry flashover test
1.2 Low frequency wet flashover test
1.3 Critical impulse flashover test-positive and negative
1.4 Radio influence voltage
2. Quality conformance tests for composite insulator distribution dead end type
2.1 Dimension test
2.2 Galvanizing test
2.3 Specified mechanical load test
2.4 Retest procedure
3. Routine test for composite deadend insulator:
3.1 Tension proof test
3.2 Visual examination

Our composite deadend insulator or composite insulator distribution dead end type exports to USA, South America market and Africa many each year. The reference standards are IEC61109 and ANSI C29.13. We are very competitive and welcome email us, select our composite insulators or visit our factory!

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