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Composite insulator used in electrical apparatus and outdoor substations

Application fields for composite insulator
Besides the successful use of composite insulator in overhead transmission line up to the highest voltages, composite insulator has also been used increasingly in electrical apparatus and outdoor substations for about the last 20 years. It is therefore now possible to design practically an entire outdoor substation on the basis of composite technology.

Composite insulator for apparatus & substations-Orient Power              Composite station post insulator for substations-Orient Power
Composite insulator for apparatus & substations                   Composite station post insulator for substations

Advantages of composite insulator used
Due to the greater demands placed on operational safety and also for damage risk minimization, the majority of bushings are therefore now also manufactured using composite technology, particularly at higher voltage levels.

Influence of insulator length on the tower structure:
1. Shorter earth conductor peak
2. Shorter cross arm, hence reduced torsional load
3. Reduced load, hence less steel and more attractive appearance
4. Reduce bending and torsional moments, hence smaller foundations

Possible points of use for composite insulator in outdoor substations
1. Bushing for machine transformer
2. Surge arrester
3. Circuit breaker
4. Current transformer
5. Voltage transformer
6. Bushing for distributor transformer
7. Cable termination

Composite insulator for electrical apparatus is primarily hollow core composite insulators, consisting of fibre glass reinforced plastic tube and a silicone rubber housing.



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