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End fitting for composite insulator

Material of end fitting for composite insulator
Composite insulator is composed of three parts:
1. Fiber glass core,
2. Insulating material,
3. End fitting
Steel fittings are typically used for composite solid core insulator. Depending on the application and load, either steel casting or steel forging is used. Forged steel is the material of choice for insulator that is predominantly subjected to tensile loads and specified mechanical load greater than 70kN. High tensile chill casting aluminum is often used in special applications.

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composite dead end suspension insulator                                          composite post insulator                  

Standard of End fitting for composite insulator
Connection dimensions: because of the need for substitution compatibility, the connection dimensions for composite long rod insulator is based on the standards for conventional insulator and is described extensively in the standards: IEC60120, IEC60471 or IEC60476
Zinc layer for end fitting: the thickness of zinc layer is set accordance with the normally recommendations standard IEC60383, the thickness >85μm is the established norm. Greater layer thicknesses are possible for highly corrosive operating conditions, such as desert, tunnel operation and coastal routes.

Hollow core composite insulator
In most cases, aluminum is used for hollow core composite insulators. Depending on the degree of standardization for fitting, sand casting or chill casting is used, or pultruded semi-finished parts or semi-finished parts that have been pressed are machined. To ensure wall impermeability or zero porosity in the area of O-ring seal, it is imperative that air pockets are prevented from being formed during casting.


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