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How composite insulators industry prospects?

With the economic developing, more and more countries used composite insulators for power lines with high mechanical strength.

composite insulators

composite insulators

Compared with traditional insulators (porcelain and glass insulators), the advantages of composite insulators have
◆ High anti-pollution resistance
◆ High power frequency wet flashover voltage
◆ Small volume, light weight
◆ Excellent electrical resistance
◆ Easy to install

According to the advantages of composite insulators, composite insulators will have lower price than porcelain insulators, such as 11kV composite pin insulator is easy to produce and has reasonable price than porcelain and glass insulators.

Composite insulators are usually used for the city rebuilding and the construction of compact overhead lines.

Compared with traditional insulators (porcelain and glass insulators), the disadvantages of composite insulators have
◆ Lower lightning performance the porcelain insulators
◆ Shorter service life than porcelain and glass insulators.

But with the technic developing, these problems will be solved. According to the composite insulator advantages, composite insulators are gradually replace the traditional insulators.


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