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How is a conductor different from an insulator?

All conductors have many moveable charge carriers. Insulators have few. However, there is little difference between a conductor and an insulator. An insulator (such as composite insulator) has very high resistance but it still has some conduction. Conversely, a conductor always has SOME resistance.

an insulator

an insulator

Any conductor MAY have a magnetic field IF it has current flowing through it. Since there is always some leakage current through an insulator although very small, it might be better to say that any material will have a magnetic field if it has a voltage across it.

How is a conductor different from an insulator? In the simple words
◆ A conductor has magnetic fields; an insulator does not have magnetic fields.
◆ A conductor does not have magnetic fields; an insulator has magnetic fields.
◆ In a conductor, electric current can flow freely; in an insulator, it cannot flow freely.
◆ In a conductor, electric current cannot flow freely; in an insulator, it can flow freely.

Both porcelain insulators and composite insulators made from insulator materials used for these theories.

Conductor conducts electricity and has magnetic field in conductor the valence and conduction band overlap. So good conductor in insulator there is a band gap called forbidden gap conductivity is measured as the no of electrons in the conduction band. This is called the band theory.

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