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Test for composite insulator

Test for composite insulator, there is the following test from the born of insulator to end user to use it in transmission line or distribution line:
1. Design tests
2. type tests
3. sampling tests
4. routine tests
All the above composite insulator tests should be done in accordance with the requirement of IEC 1109, IEC 383, ISO 1460 and also the requirements of customers.

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composite suspension insulator                                                     composite pin type insulator

For design and type test for composite insulator
Design and type test should be done by the relevant Independent/International or National Testing/Standards Authority of the country of laboratory or manufacture (or ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory). And the manufacturers will get a composite insulator certificate from laboratory or manufacture.
Test items of composite insulator for design and type test:
1. Tests on interfaces and connections of metal fittings
2. Assembled core load-time test
3. Test of housing: tracking and erosion test
4. Tests for the core material
5. Flammability test
6. Dry lightning impulse withstand voltage test
7. Wet power frequency test
8. Mechanical load-time test and test of the tightness of the interface between end fittings and insulator housing

Routine and sample test for composite insulator
These two tests for composite insulators can be done at the factory before shipment and should be done according to IEC 1109 and applicable latest IEC standards.
It concludes:
1. Verification of dimensions;
2. Verification of the locking system;
3. Verification of tightness of the interface between end fittings and insulator housing;
4. Verification of the specified mechanical load;
5. Galvanizing test (by Gravimetric method


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