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What are the advantages of polymer pin type insulator?

As new high-voltage products, Polymer pin type insulator with many electrical performance advantages. Polymer pin type insulator can be called composite pin insulator, compared with the traditional porcelain pin insulators, weight polymer pin type insulator lighter, and transportation or installation process easier than porcelain pin insulator.

advantages of polymer pin type insulator

advantages of polymer pin type insulator

In addition, the surface of the shed polymer pin type insulator has a number, and the distance between the two shed relatively large. This design in the face of rain or dusty environment, allowing dust and water droplets falling more convenient, reduce the possibility of flashover occurred.

Polymer pin type insulator material used is silicone rubber, this material has a strong anti-UV properties. In some sunny areas with high UV index Africa, good UV resistance can ensure the safe operation of transmission and distribution lines. 

Polymer insulator made of silicone rubber material can withstand strong impact, when faced with shootings and other emergency situations safer. Especially in a cold environment, the impact resistance polymer pin type insulator is an important factor in avoiding damage.

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