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What is an example of an insulator?

This article will give an example of an insulator according to insulator materials, properties, mechanical strength and son on, such as polymer insulator.

polymer insulator

polymer insulator

Silicone Rubber insulator and wood insulator are good electrical insulators because they don't let electricity pass through them. The best insulators in the world are uranium hexafluoride - used as the dielectric in UHV machines and also Barium Titanate.
Better to say that they resist the flow of charge - rather than 'don't let electricity flow through them'.

According to materials, insulator can be divided into
◆ Porcelain insulator: made by porcelain
◆ polymer insulator: made by polymer
◆ glass insulator: made by glass
◆ polymeric insulator: made by HDPE

According to the insulator voltage, insulator can be divided into
◆ 0.22kV, 0.4kV, 0.6kV, 0.38kV lower voltage insulator
◆ 10kV, 11kV, 12KV,15KV, 18kV, 22KV,24KV,25KV,33KV,35KV,36KV low voltage insulator
◆ 66KV,69Kv,110KV medium voltage insulator
◆ 220KV,230KV,330Kv,400KV,500KV high voltage insulator

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