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What is the difference between pin type, suspension type and strain type insulator?

Pin type, suspension type and strain type insulator are important insulators used for high voltage, medium voltage and low voltage lines and made of polymer, also belong to polymer insulators.

pin type insulator              suspension type insulator

            pin type insulator                                                             suspension type insulator

What are pin type insulators?
Pin type insulators are used for distribution lines. They have threads inside the lower shed. The insulator is then fixed on a steel pin which is fitted on a post by screwing the insulator on the pin. The conductor is placed on the top side of the insulator where there is groove to fix. The conductor is tied to the neck of the top concave surface (above the upper shed) using binding wires to secure the conductor.

The suspension type insulators are used in medium-high voltage to UHV applications on towers on which the conductor is just suspended. A Composite suspension insulator range voltage can be upto 1000kV. These insulators have ball at the bottom and a socket at the top. So they can fit into one another and form a string as per the voltage requirement. At the bottom of the string there is a sort of clamp to hold the conductor. To prevent damage due to vibration, armour rods are fixed on the conductor at the point of suspension. The top end of the string is fixed to the cross arm of the tower.

The strain type insulators are similar to the suspension type as far as they are also ball and socket type, hut the string is horizontal. So, each cross arm of tower has two tension strings. The conductor is crimped to a joint which is fixed to the tension insulator in either side. To make the electrical connection between forward and reverse side of tension string jumpers are used.

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