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Why choose our composite insulator?

Why choose our composite insulator?

Chronicle of events for our composite insulator
In 1978, we began to produce products relative to composite insulator.
In 1995, we invested about two million US dollars to develop and produce composite insulator.
In 2003, we successfully developed one time injection machine and mold for 500kV composite insulator and obtained patent.
Today, we produce all parts of composite insulator by ourselves. We can well control insulator quality, product delivery, reduce the cost and improving our composite insulator competitive in the world.

composite long rod suspension insulator-Orient Power            composite silicone rubber post insulator-Orient Power
composite long rod suspension insulator                                 composite silicone rubber post insulator

Types of composite insulator
1. composite pin insulator
creepage distance for composite pin insulator:20mm/kV; 25mm/kV; 31mm/kV
Strength ( SML) for composite pin insulator:10kN, 12.5kN
2. composite suspension insulator
Voltage class for composite insulator: 11kv, 22kv 33kv, 66kV, 110kv, 132kV, 220kv, 330kV, 400kV, 500kV
Strength for composite suspension insulator: 70kN, 100kN, 120kN, 160kN, 210kN, 300kN
3. composite railway insulator
Voltage class:15kV, 25kV 35kV
Creepage distance: 20mm/kV, 25mm/kV, 31mm/kV

Advantage of our composite insulators:
1. Excellent hydrophobicity
2. Lower leakage current
3. Light weight
4. Resistance to breakages
5. Safety against vandalism & shatter proof
6. Compact design
7. Aesthetics
8. Safety

About Us - Composite insulator manufacturer
More than 40 years experience in power industry since 1978 as a composite insulator manufacturer in China, advanced manufacturing process, strict quality control test system, ISO certificated, excellent communication, considerate services, enable us to be a leading composite insulator manufacturer of composite insulator and polymer insulator.
Our Advantage
ISO 9001 certificate
5000h Aging Type Test Report
Considerate after-sale services
Patent Product and New Technique
Instant Response for Each Requirement

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