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115-230kv station posts

115-230kv station posts are manufactured and designed in accordance with ANSI C29.9 standards available for substations, switch or electrical equipment, and which are TR series.


Each TR unit is available in three option upon request:
Single unit, factory pre-assembled construction (lower cost)
Multiple unit stacks, shipped separately for field assembly
Multiple unit stacks, bolted together in the factory and shipped as complete stacks

One-piece pre-assembled insulator through 1050kv BIL
115-230kv station posts insulators replace the conventional bolt-together designs with complete units that are permanently assembled in the factory. Assembly is made in special fixtures, unique to115-230kv station posts insulators, which can accept single insulator assemblies up to 109 inches in overall length.
As a result, we can offer pre-assembled stacks as single unit up to 230kv, 1050kv BIL.
Because of the many benefits they offer, these pre-assembled products have quickly gained enthusiastic support and demand in the marketplace. The benefits of 115-230kv station posts
Lower initial purchase price than conventional stacks
Lower overall installed cost – no field joint through 1050kv BIL required; no shimming to adjust alignment required
Exact alignment of end fittings, because entire assembly is made at one time in the same fixture
No additive tolerances to overcome by shimming, as with conventional stacks
Better product integrity and reliability, because the insulator is tested as a complete unit prior to shipment
The advantages of purchasing the pre-assembled station posts are becoming more and more apparent to all. They are being specified as standard by more and more utilities and OEMs.

115-230kv station posts features
All insulators are manufactured from high strength alumina porcelain, allowing Orient to maximum product performance and minimize weight and cross-sectional diameter.
The alumina porcelain has modulus of rupture twice that of conventional silica porcelain. As a result, we are able to achieve required mechanical strengths with reduced cross-sectional diameters. This results in insulators approximately 15% lighter in weight.
Control of shed diameter and the reduced core diameter means fewer sheds are required to meet creepage requirements. Shed separation is increased, improving electrical performance.
The design advantages gained through the use of alumina porcelain eliminate the need for rainshields to achieve wet withstand ratings. This simplifies the cost of field assembly and results in a cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing appearance.
Flanges on stacking units are 9-inch bolt circles for standard strength products and 103/8 inch bolt circles for high strength products. Assembly bolts, nuts and loackwashers are packaged inside the insulator crate.
Insulator designs are available for flange mounting. The overall length of the insulator is reduced by 1 inch for each and cap that is replaced with a flange. Both 9-inch and 103/8 inch bolt circle flanges are available for mounting of high strength units. Only 9-inch bolt circle flanges are available for standard strength stacks.
Each assembly is steam cured to ensure exacting control of cement chemistry, physical properties and volume stability. This ensures freedom from concerns about loose hardware moisture penetration into cement joints, or weakening of cement with the passage of time.
Since we take such great care in design and manufacture of electrical products, we take equal care in how they are packaged. Each package is designed not only to provide protection to the insulator, but also to permit safe and efficient handing at the job site.
Units are shipped palletized where size permits, and larger products are shipped in crates specially designed and manufactured to be handled by conventional equipment.
Mounting bolts are available at a nominal additional cost. The user must specify length, strength class, etc., when ordering.
The user is assured of product integrity, since every station post insulator is subjected to routine mechanical proof test at 50% of bending moment rating. This test is applied in four quadrants to each end of the insulator, and this ensure that the insulator is tested to its maximum recommended working load prior to shipment.
All 115-230kv station posts in this section are uniform diameter stacks and suitable for universal mounting. Each insulator is mechanically tested for both upright and inverted application prior to shipment.


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