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Composite pin insulator,11KV composite pin insulator

Composite pin insulator usually overhead high voltage range from 6KV to 36KV, 11KV composite pin insulator can be installed on 11KV voltage distribution lines.

Composite pin insulator performance:
Compound pin insulator has the very high resistance to bending, impact resistance, shock resistance and explosion proof performance is superior. Internal insulation, light weight, reliable is the traditional ideal of toughened glass insulator.

composite pin insulator                11KV composite pin insulator
   composite pin insulator                                                           11KV composite pin insulator 

Composite pin insulator end fittings:
Polymer insulators used special steel manufacturing hardware, hardware end using labyrinth design principle, multi-layer protection, sealed performance is good, and the most critical problem solved the insulator - interface electric breakdown. Connecting the hardware with the mandrel adopts the most advanced computer control coaxial constant pressure welding technology, and equipped with automatic flaw detection system, the acoustic emission to ensure the stability and reliability of connecting the hardware with the mandrel. Mandrel adopt ERC high-temperature acid rods, mandrel and coated with silicone rubber interface of special coupling agent. Umbrella cover is made of the one-time whole under high temperature and high pressure forming process, with computer monitoring secondary vulcanization process, extend the service life of the composite insulator.

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