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11kv polymer pin insulator


11kv polymer pin insulator is a kind of pin insulators, it is mainly made from silicone rubber. 11kv polymer pin insulator mainly use in power distribution lines, have the effect of support and insulation.


11kv polymer pin insulator has a high resistance to bending, torsion strength, impact resistance, shock resistance and explosion proof performance which is superior. 11kv polymer pin insulator has light weight, easy to install, it can replace the traditional pin porcelain insulators. 11kv polymer pin insulator unique shed design, make its have good anti-fouling ability. 11kv composite pin insulator used special steel manufacturing hardware fitting, hardware fitting end using labyrinth design principle, multiple layers of protection, good sealing performance, solve the most insulator critical issues ---- interface electrical breakdown. Hardware fitting has strong corrosion resistance and good mechanical properties. Mandrel adopt ERC high-temperature acid stick, shed cover with a high temperature and pressure one-time integral molding process,, extend the service life of the product.

11kv polymer pin insulator installation considerations:
(1)Insulator should be taken and put down gently, avoid friction collision with pieces of iron, tools and other sharp hard objects.
(2) When the product lifting, knot to play on the insulator end attachment, the rope must be touched with shed group and sheath, in the contact section wrapped with a soft cloth.
(3)It is forbidden to stamp on the shed.

11 polymer pin insulator are mainly red and gray, it looks fine, welcomed by customers.


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