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Composite long rod insulator,138kV Composite Long Rod insulator

Composite long rod insulator
High voltage composite long rod insulator has developed rapidly since early this century, beginning with simple porcelain insulators,138KV composite long rod insulator is one of varies composite long rod insulator. Today modern polymer insulators are used, as well as the earlier materials. But there is a new kind of material made of insulator at present, we call it composite insulator. Composite insulator main material is silicone rubber. At the ends of the hardware is used long cantilever, we call the product composite long rod insulator.138kV is composite long rod insulator which install on the distribution and transmission lines voltage.

Composite long rod insulator               138KV composite long rod insulator
        composite long rod insulator                              138KV composite long rod insulator

Composite long rod insulator laboratory and research facilities
Material science is present at every angle of composite insulator technology. Beyond more traditional mechanical and electrical testing facilities for which Orient Power has full testing equipment available either in the factory laboratories or, at a larger scale, in our Research Centre in China, Orient Power has also implemented state of the art material testing capabilities.
We offer the most advanced and comprehensive tools and expertise for rod, rubber housing or complete design testing and evaluation from our Research center.
Constant research in material science is a guarantee for Orient Power product end users to always benefit of the most advanced know how in this field.


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