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Composite dead end insulator,15kv composite dead end insulator

The Composite dead end insulator is just one kind of Orient Power China composite insulator. It can also be called composite suspension insulator. 15kv composite dead end insulator is one kind of composite dead end insulator.

15kv composite dead end insulator structure: inner core, housing and sheds and end fittings.

15kv composite dead end insulator-Orient Power            15kv polymer dead end insulator-Orient Power
15kv composite dead end insulator                                             15kv polymer dead end insulator

The material of each part:
1. Inner Core
The inner core of the 15kv composite dead end insulators are made of a high quality fiber glass that can meet the electrical and mechanical requirements.
2. Housing and sheds
The housing and sheds of the insulator are one piece, injection molded silicone rubber is chemically bonded to the inner core. This ensures that the interface between the rubber and inner core is impenetrable against moisture ingress.
3. End Fittings
The end fitting on the 15kv composite dead end insulator is made of high strength, forged steel. The insulators have Specified Mechanical Load (SML) rating of 70KN. All insulators Routine Test Load (RTL) are proof tested to about 35KN in tension.

Composite dead end insulator plays an important part in the transmission line and distribution line.Composite dead end insulator is just one kind of composite insulators.  So Orient Power China pays more attention to the quality of the Composite dead end insulator. For more information about Composite dead end insulator and 15kv composite dead end insulator, please visit our website. Any comments and questions are welcomed.

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