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15kv pin insulator, insulation pin

Orient Power are instrumental in manufacturing and exporting a comprehensive range of 15kv pin insulator. Made as per the industry standards, these insulators are efficient in resisting the current flow.

15kv pin insulator, insulation pin

15kv pin insulator, insulation pin

15kv pin insulator features and advantages:
1. The silicon rubber shed booster is smooth and compact
2. Perfect hydrophobic performance, good resistance to aging, tracking and erosion.
3. High-strength acid-resistant FRP rod ensures the reliability of composite insulator.
4. The arcing corona ring well distributes the electric field along the insulator's axe to prevent corona phenomenon and secure the insulator from heavy damage in end fitting in case of flashover.
5. The end fitting and FRP rod are connected with imported end-fitting crimping equipment, ensures the mechanical performance of the product.
6. The unique end fitting sealing structure improves product sealing reliability.
7. The strict inspection measures ensure the perfect quality of every product.
8. We can design and produce according to the drawings and detailed requirements of customers.

As a 15kv pin insulator manufacturer with profound technical resources, advanced production crafts, and perfect 800 sets test equipment, Orient Insulator is specialized in the production and development of it and high voltage insulator apparatus.

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