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345-500kv station posts

345-500kv station posts are manufactured in accordance with ANSI standards and for application at 1300kv BIL, 1470kv BIL, 1550kv BIL and 1800kv BIL.

345-500kv station posts

345-500kv station posts information
345-500kv station posts are designed in complete conformance with ANSI standards, and are fully tested to ensure that field service performance is exceeded by no other station posts.
The user is cautioned that many of these designs are tapered stacks, which are designed especially for upright mounting,

Pre-assembled insulators through 1300kv BIL
Field assembly and erection costs are important considerations in EHV substation design and construction. The pre-assembled insulator at 345kv consists of only two sections, requiring only one bolted joint to be made in the field. The top and bottom halves of the stacks are permanently pre-assembled at our factory in special fixtures designed to ensure proper alignment and parallelism of all end fittings.
The pre-assembled insulator has several advantages over factory bolted together options, including lower purchase price and an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The complete 106-inch stack is permanently pre-assembled and shipped as single unit.

345-500kv station posts features
Application at high voltages increases potential for problems due to wet flashover, contamination induced flashover and wet switching surge flashover.
Orient Power has designed its 345-500kv station posts to minimize the potential of such problem occurring. The significant design feature that permits this improved performance is the wide shed spacing of the porcelain and reduced profile (diameter) of the insulator.
This is made possible since the high strength alumina porcelain gives insulator design engineers greater flexibility in minimizing dimensions and maximizing performance. The wide skirt separation prevents water from rainfall from bridging the insulator sheds, which can lead to flashover. The reduced diameters – made possible through the use of porcelain with a higher modulus of rupture – mean that less contamination will accumulate on the insulator.
An added benefit derived from the reduced dimensions is that the weight of these insulators is reduced significantly in comparison to silica porcelain products. Weight reductions of up to 30% are realized.
The production process ensures high quality throughout each step of the operation. Significant features of Orient production procedures are the steam curing of all cement joints (critical for successful, long-term, trouble-free performance), and the routine mechanical testing of each insulator at 50% of rated bending moment strength. The mechanical test is performance in four quadrants on each end of the insulator.
Rainshields are not required on Orient station posts due to the shed design advantages and reduced porcelain diameters.
Intermediate bolt circles on flange type units are 103/8-inches for high strength and extra high strength components and 9inches for standard strength components. All necessary bolts, nuts and lockwashers are provided for assembly.
The insulators illustrated in this section are conventional “cap”-type mounting bolts, we will provide them as a service at a nominal cost. These must be specified by the purchaser.
These products are package in palletized wire-bound crates if shipped as individual components of stacks.
Pre-assembled or bolted-together sections are shipped in special wood crates designed for safe and efficient handling at the job site.
Each package or crate is marked to identify the contents and its location in the assembled stack.

345-500kv station posts are also used with two or more piece used in high voltage, EHV and UHV substations or other electrical systems.


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