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Composite dead end insulator,35kv composite dead end insulator

Composite dead end insulator as one type of composite suspension insulator, support lines horizontally and used on special environments, so does 35kv composite dead end insulator.

Composite dead end insulator cannot be take place by other insulators when it used to follow a substation or through a large angle. 35kv composite dead end insulator is a common type as well as 15kv, 25kv, 69kv composite dead end insulator. The Specified Mechanical Load of these composite insulator dead end types is 70KN.

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Composite dead end insulator                                               35kv composite dead end insulator

Composite dead end insulator manufactured according to IEC61109 and ANSI C29.13. Composite dead end insulator common code numbers are FXB-11/70CT, FXB-15/70CT, FXB-25/70CT and FXB-35/70CT. 35kv composite dead end insulator is FXB-35/70CT, and C&T means clevis and tongue type.

35kv composite dead end insulator parameters:
No. of sheds: 9
Rated voltage: 35kv
Specified Mechanical Load: 70kn
Section length: 588mm
Leakage distance: 1010mm
Dry arcing Distance: 400mm
Power frequency wet withstand voltage (KV): 108kv
Lightning impulse withstand voltage (KV): 220kv

Composite dead end insulator, also called polymer dead end insulator or silicone rubber dead end insulator, consists of an insulating core-fiberglass rod, housing (HTV Silicone Rubber) and cast with end fittings by circumferential crimping process.

Our existing composite dead end insulators range from 15kv-69kv. For more information about 35kv composite dead end insulator or other composite insulators, please kindly send us your specifications.


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