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66kV silicone polymeric composite post insulator

 66kv composite post insulator

1. For decades all these Composite post insulators have demonstrated reliable performance in various types of applications all over the world. 
2. The core rod for 66KV composite post insulator made of ERC fiber glass. 
3. High density material 
4. Good performance of hydrophobic 
5. shocking resistance  
6. The insulating part was made by hight temperature vulcanized silicone rubber 

66kv composite post insulator

Insulator technical description



Rated voltage



Creepage distance



Arcing distance



Specified Mechanical load(SML)



Power frequency dry withstand voltage



Power frequency wet withstand voltage



66kv composite post insulator 
1. CRCC Certification 
2. IEC62231
3. For 66kV composite post insulator, we have type test report in dependand Lab. 
4. Our price for 66kV composite post insulator is very competitive. 
5. Do tests for each insulator product 

6. Do sample tests before packing
7. Supplier appointed by ministry of railway


 Packaging & Shipping

Orient Power will choose the most reasonable packing material and packing dimensions, all wooden packing is fumigated, and dimensions are designed to be economical to container shipment.

We will supply test report and packing pictures before shipment to customers.

Orient Power services
Instanct response for each requirement
high quality and competitive price
reasonable advice to each project
regular order track information
excellent after sale service
test report and photos of test before delivery
photos of packing and container loading before shipping

Qualification Certificate and Type Test Report of 66kv composite post insulator

Our insulator production and management comply with ISO 9001-2008
Our composite insulators get approval from high speed railway power grid
Our 500KV polymer insulator whole injection way is a patent product including 66kv composite post insulator

We get type test report for 10kv-500kv high voltage insulators.
We get 5000 hour aging test report for composite insulators, including 66kv composite post insulator


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