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Advantages of suspension insulators and pin type insulators

Suspension insulators and pin type insulators can be used on transmission and distribution lines for medium and high voltage made of silicone rubber and porcelain materials. How about advantages of suspension insulators and pin type insulators?

 suspension insulators            pin type insulators

With the operating voltage developing fast, the insulation requirement will also increase. More and more transmission and distribution system will have transmission voltage as 500kV or higher.
At these voltages the porcelain pin insulators become bulky, cumbersome and costly. The advantages of suspension insulators over pin type insulators have
◆ Suspension insulators are cheaper in cost compared to pin type insulators for operating voltage above 50kV
◆ Low voltage (11kV) can be increase the insulation strength by connecting these insulator disc modules in series. The number of insulator discs require depends on the operating voltage
◆ More flexibility to the line and mechanical stresses due to wind and other factors are reduced in this suspension type insulator arrangement.
◆ The connection at the cross arm is such a way that the insulator string is free to swing in any direction and thus takes up a position where it experiences only a pure tensile stress

The only disadvantage of suspension type insulators is that large spacing between the conductors are required than with the pin type insulators due to large amplitude of the swing of the conductors


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