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Alumina Porcelain insulators

As one of professional insulator manufacturers, we produce alumina Porcelain insulators include suspension disc insulators, line post insulators and station post insulators and so on.

We have steadily improved and expanded production of our station post insulators. they are now competitive in scope with all other manufacturers, and offer unique benefits not available from other manufacturers.
By tacking advantages of manufacturing capabilities unique to Orient Power, we have totally redesigned our products, improving their mechanical and electrical characteristics, and thus improving their performance.

Alumina porcelain – a material difference
Orient Power is the only domestic insulator manufacturer to use alumina porcelain across the entire station post line. We use alumina porcelain in station post products because its properties are far superior to conventional porcelain used by other manufacturers.
Today, the alumina porcelain used in the manufacture of station post insulators is of the highest quality.
Alumina porcelain uses alumina (aluminum oxide) in the porcelain formulation in place of silica. Alumina is one of the strongest, hardest materials known and its use results in a porcelain
Twice as strong, pound for pound (modulus of rupture), as silica porcelain
With a greater resistance to thermal shock than silica porcelain
With much higher impact resistance than silica porcelain (about twice as strong)

Alumina porcelain insulators benefits
Though the use of alumina porcelain, which has a higher modulus of rupture than silica porcelain. We can design insulators with smaller cross sections. The smaller cross section and reduced core diameters mean that a wicker skirt separation is possible while maintaining required leakage distance. The insulators we manufacture with this superior porcelain offer the following benefit to the customers:
Lighter weight, since cross sectional diameters are reduced significantly (approximately 15% lighter)
Slimmer profile, meaning less surface accumulation of contaminants
Easier handling and installation, because of lighter weight and slimmer profile
Better electrical characteristics, particularly wet and contaminated, because of the wider skirt separation
No need for experience, cumbersome, difficult-to-install rainshields, since the flanges used in stacks act as an integral rainshield
Reduced possibility of handling damage because of rugged skirt design and higher impact strength

Alumina Porcelain insulators are popular electrical insulators used in transmission and distribution systems playing an important role of supporting and insulating.


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