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Composite insulator,China Suspension composite Insulator

The essay mainly speaks composite insulator the role of composite insulator formation. China Suspension composite insulator is one kind of composite insulators. Orient Power is a composite insulator company in China and can supplies suspension composite insulator.

Composite insulator core:
The composite insulator core is the internal insulating part of a composite insulator. Composite insulator is intended to carry the mechanical load. Composite insulator consists mainly of glass fibers positioned in a resin matrix so as to achieve maximum tensile strength.

China Suspension composite Insulator housing:
The China Suspension composite Insulator housing is external to the core and protects it from the weather. China Suspension composite Insulator may be equipped with weather sheds. Some designs of composite insulators employ a sheath made of insulating material between the weathersheds and the core. This sheath is part of the housing.

composite insulator                China suspension composite insulator
                composite insulator                                                       China suspension composite insulator

China Suspension composite Insulator shed:
China Suspension composite Insulator weathersheds are insulating parts, projecting from the housing or sheath, intended to increase the leakage distance and to provide an interrupted path for water drainage.

China Suspension composite Insulator end fittings:
End fitting transmit the mechanical load to the core. They are usually made out of metal.


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