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Cleaning high voltage insulator

Cleaning high voltage insulator is a long time problem, how to Cleaning high voltage insulators more safety, more efficiently, more easy, also puzzled the world. The pollution is very harmful to insulator, since it cause more problems and take more electrical cost, bring economic loss to the world.

Cleaning high voltage insulators

Following are several method Cleaning high voltage insulators:
Wind swept ring, this method is using natural wind strength, blowing the cleaning rings which made by special insulation material, make it rotation freely, so that some of the pollution can be swept away by the swept rings, it can keep insulator in a cleaning condition and huge decrease flashover phenomenon.

In the earlier time, It uses artificial ride insulated tripod cleaning method, it composed by cleaner, floor stretching rod, cable tray and other components. Before cleaning the insulator are supported by a tube, two people rise the cleaner to clean the pollution of insulator. this method have many advantages, light, clean efficient, good insulation property, extend the insulator life.

In order to satisfied the high requirement of EHV equipment cleaning, this cleaning equipment are consist by two parts, Truck and insulator cleaning machine, it can protect clear people more and more safe, high cleaning efficiency.

Insulator can benefit a lot after cleaning:
Prevent bird damage accident
Decreasing Lightning Accident
Decreasing flashover phenomenon
Extend the insulator life
Keep power system more and more safety


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