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Cleaning high voltage insulators

For ensuring electrical insulator operating, cleaning high voltage insulators are necessary. The dirty would be covered on the surface of high voltage insulators.

Cleaning high voltage insulators

How cleaning high voltage insulators?
◆ Rotating brush cleaning:
When used rotating bush, the rotary brush installed in the operating rod and inserted in the porcelain insulator sheath, pressure springs upper and lower flat brush caught in the insulator. Operation electrician slid rotating brush to achieve the purpose of cleaning the insulator. But this brush only when cleaning dirty of the year and cannot cleaning dirty of several years

◆ Water cleaning:
Water cleaning is one of the effective measures to prevent dirt insulator. Practice has proved that the charged water rinse ergonomics, better than any of the insulator cleaning effect including cleaning, including power outages.

Cleaning high voltage insulators are important to maintain the insulator operating and insulator service time. More dirty can cause the flashover frequency.


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