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Composite Hollow Insulator

 Composite hollow insulator is composed of epoxy fiberglass reinforced twine pipe, silicone-rubber add sheds increasing creepage distance and connecting flange. 

Epoxy fiberglass reinforced twine pipe, which is the insulating inner part of composite hollow insulator, is processed by special winding machine using epoxy resin presoaked uninterrupted non-alkali fiberglass according to mechanical laydown design and has excellent mechanical strength and dielectric property. As the external insulator of composite hollow insulator, silicone rubber add sheds increasing creepage distance takes on necessary electric functions, such as protecting and providing creepage distance. Connecting flange of composite hollow insulator, which is made of aluminum through compression casting, adopts unique adhesive technology to transfer mechanical load kv. 

Main Characteristics of composite hollow insulator :

◆Lightweight: reducing breakage danger in transportation and installation.

◆Antifouling property: Even under heavy pollution, it still has supreme electric property, and no additive surface coating is needed.

◆Excellent anti-aging property: In the process influenced by weather and electric property, it keeps stable dewatering property. Due to mobility of dewatering property of silicone rubber, no sweeping is needed upon the insulator. 

◆Supreme Anti-UV Ability.

◆Explosion proof property: Even under condition of interior over-pressure, people and equipment are quite safe.


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