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Composite Hollow core

Composite Hollow core Insulators are a direct replacement of porcelain insulators used on substation apparatus applications, which are normally manufactured of silicone rubber materials.

Composite Hollow core

Composite Hollow core insulator composed of three parts
◆ The core of the product is the fiberglass tube made using electrical grade glass fibers and epoxy resin in a special “wet wind” filament winding process.
◆ The subassembly is then coated with 3silicone rubber weathersheds using a unique “spiral wrap” extrusion process, which allows insulators to be customized for virtually any application from 72 to 800kV.
◆ End fittings should be galvanized, made from stainless steel, forged steel, ductile iron

Composite Hollow core insulators are normally used
• Measuring Transformers
• Cable Terminations
• Optical Insulators
• Live Tank Breakers
• Dead Tank Breakers
• Station Posts
• Bushings

Composite Hollow core

Composite Hollow core Insulators design should be according to requirements in electrical, mechanical and environmental aspects
• Mechanically
The hollow core insulators are designed to withstand maximum design stresses without affecting long-term mechanical performance, basically assuring that the maximum expected loads are below the damage limit of fibers and flanges.
• Electrically
The final electrical performance is guaranteed by the OEM. The hollow core insulator housing expected electrical characteristics are typically based on geometrical factors.
• Environmentally
The hollow core insulator weather sheds are made from an exclusive HTV silicone compound designed and tested according to IEC standards to withstand long term environmental conditions.

Composite Hollow core Insulators also called polymer bushing insulators are produced and designed in accordance with IEC and NEMA standards to assure long-term performance under normal and proper usage. The standards include IEC60815 and IEC61642.


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