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Composite Insulators Design tests and standards

Composite Insulators Design tests and standards are usually inspected by insulator manufacturers in accordance with IEC 61109 and ANSI C29.11 standards.

Composite Insulators Design tests and standards

Insulators offered shall be manufactured with the same configuration & raw materials as used in the insulators for which design & type test reports are submitted. The manufacturer shall submit a certificate for the same. The design & type test reports submitted shall not be more than 5 years old.

Composite Insulators Design tests and standards:
For composite insulators, it is essential to carry out design test as per clause 4.1 of IEC 61109/92- 93 with latest amendments. The design test is intended to verify the suitability of the design, materials and method manufacture (technology). When a composite insulator is submitted to the design tests, the result shall be considered valid for the whole class of insulators, which the represented by the one tested and having the following characteristics.
Same materials for the core and sheds and same manufacturing method.
Same material of the fittings, the same design, the same method of attachment.
Same or greater layer thickness of the shed material over the core (including a sheath where used):
Same or smaller ratio of the highest system voltage to insulation length;
Same or smaller ratio of all mechanical loads to the smallest core diameter between fittings.
Same or greater diameter of the core.
The tested composite insulators shall be identified by a drawing giving all the dimensions with the manufacturing tolerances.
Manufacturer should submit test reports for design tests as per IEC – 61109 (Clause - 5) along with the bid. Additionally following tests shall be carried out or reports for the tests shall be submitted after award of contract.
UV test: The test shall be carried out in line with Clause of ANSI C29.13

Composite Insulators design tests and standards are important for insulator reports, every insulator shall be tested in accordance with international specifications.


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