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Composite cross arm insulator design

All Orient Power composite cross arm insulators are manufactured at high pressure and high temperature thanks to direct injection molding technology. This unique “impenetrable” housing composite cross arm insulator design safely protects the fiberglass rod against water or contaminant penetration without the need of any “seals”. Injection molding technology has been adopted and continuously perfected by Orient since 1999. The Orient state-of-the-art composite cross arm insulator is made with the most advanced materials, resulting from extensive research testing and field experience gained over more than 20 years of expertise in overhead line insulation as well as composite insulator. Field experience has clearly demonstrated that composite cross arm insulators performance and degradation was directly related to some key design features. One of them, (provided material selection is adequate), is defined by the method of construction of the housing.

Composite cross arm insulator               Composite crossarm insulator

In this regard, internal tracking and moisture penetration are known to be the main actors for failures in service for composite cross arm insulator. To prevent such risks, Orient housing is directly injected and bonded at high temperature and high pressure on the fiberglass rod and the fittings, assuring a complete adherence of the rubber. The perfect interface between rod and housing for composite insulators will not allow any development of internal tracking under the housing. The complete adherence of the rubber onto the end fittings enlarged collar eliminates the need for inherently weak sealing devices responsible for moisture ingress, and subsequently brittle fractures. The housing being totally “impenetrable” will also prevent possible moisture penetration along the core.


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