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Composite insulator history

Composite insulator is more popular using than porcelain or glass insulator? How about composite insulators? What are the composite insulators? Firstly, we should learn composite insulator history.

Composite insulator

Composite insulator

List the composite insulator history events, such as main part of electrification milestones

Year Event Source(s)
1865 Production of pin-type glass electrical insulators Miller 2000:15
1876 Arc lighting first used in public areas and streets Woodhead et al. 1984:75
1879 First practical incandescent light bulb Devine 1983:354
1882 Direct current (DC) first marketed as a commodity Devine 1983:354
1882 Incandescent light bulbcommercially available Nordhaus 1997:37

Introduction of cords, plugs and receptacles

Schroeder 1986:526
1883 First electric motors used in manufacturing

Devine 1983:353–354

1884 First steam powered electric turbine 1884 Devine 1983:354
1886 Alternating current (AC ) available for lighting Devine 1983:354
1888 First electric trolley Hilton 1969:124
1888 First AC motor Devine 1983:354
1890 Edison first mass manufactures light bulbs General Electric 2010
1891 First AC power transmission for industrial use Devine 1983:354
1897 National Electrical Code (NEC ) first published Tod 1977:15
1904 Invention of the parallel two-blade plug Schroeder 1986:531–532
1904 Introduction of appliances connected to lamp sockets Schroeder 1986:542
1904 First electric underground trolley (subway) Hilton 1969:127
1917 Sockets standardized to two-blade style and T-shaped Schroeder 1986:536, 542
1922 Red neon lights appear in commercial advertising Woodhead et al. 1984:77
1931 End of lamp-socket appliances Schroeder 1986:542
1935 Sports played under lights at night for first time General Electric 2010
1935 1935 Rural Electrification Administration (REA ) established Nye 1990:24
1950s High intensity incandescent lights used in public areas Woodhead et al. 1984:75
1962 1962 First three-pronged (grounded) plug Schroeder 1986:542

The events of electrical insulator are very important, we can learn from them. If you want to understand more information about composite insulator history, please visit Orient Power website.


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